A man who steers reaches a destination.


A push for the Halal movement.

We have heard many times the value of cooperation. How a task can easily be accomplished by people working together.  How a movement, championed by members, fulfills their mission.

The need for an organization to lead us in fulfilling the promise of better Halal is imperative.  And the truth remains that if we do not work towards a common goal, we could never maximize the potentials presented to us.

We need to get our acts together. 

Let us join hands and begin a movement that will benefit not only the present but the future generation.  Let us create a legacy that our grandsons can be proud of.  A milestone etched in history.

Steer with us.  

ONE HALAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES is your movement.  Together, we can build a community anchored on harmonious relationships.